Miller Gulch telemark run-out on Voile's new Insane Skis...  
can you say FAT, 140-109-132mm
Latest Video addition:
A Couple of Minutes in the Duck Creeks
March 12, 2006
Lost Dog Tour 05  17mb
Quick Moriah & DM clip- 2005
Second Creek Powder
A Josh Simpson video
small version
Sking Above Las Vegas?
If you have any doubts watch this
Dexter Springall video of a 2004 spring journey I
made to Clark County to ski with members of the
'Greater Nevada Ski Coalition'
Bristlecone Bowl 17mb
Miller Gulch
Give Thanks Meadows
April Powder
Ely Powder
Jeff Davis Tour
Rock Skiing in the Duck Creeks, a 2005 flashback
The Other Side of Nevada 18mb
The small versions of these videos should play easily in Windows Media Player.  
 You must save the larger versions to file in order to play them.  I will try to
repair this as time permits.